Meet The People Who Run With Us

                          Their Land. Their Words.

                          These are the stories of eight John Deere owners who give their all to the soil, day in and day out. Find out how they run, and discover tips on how to keep running, because being linked to the land means there’s always work to be done.

                          The Orchard

                          Berlin Heights, Ohio

                          A family business comes with a lot of responsibility. After going out west following college graduation, Ben Gammie returned home to the family orchard with a wife, new ideas, and the drive to turn his grandfather and father’s lifework into his own.

                          The Gammie Family Runs With a 5085E Utility Tractor, HPX Gator™, and 2640 Tractor.

                          The Retreat


                          The Olson's loved Minneapolis but they didn't love the tiny yard that came with it. With Mike's background in environmental conservation, and Jen's childhood spent in the outdoors, they quickly realized a change was in order. The result was getting into nature with a new home and a long list of new responsibilities.

                          The Olson Family Runs With a X380 Select Series Lawn Mower.

                          Mowing Tip

                          Here are 5 ways to maintain a healthy lawn no matter if you're on multiple acres like the Olson's or a half acre in the suburbs.

                          Keep Your Lawn Healthy

                          The Veteran

                          Milledgeville, Georgia

                          Jon Jackson is a former soldier on a mission to give veterans the sense of service again. Through working the land, feeding animals, and reclaiming the feeling of comradery, these brave men and women begin to feel more comfortable at home one job at a time.

                          Jon Runs With a 3032E Tractor.

                          The Stables

                          new smyrna beach, Florida

                          Karen Knies put in thousands of fence posts alone but she’s always had her community running with her. When she’s not completing the daily grind, she’s teaching horseback riding to help young girls gain confidence and scholarships. And they’re always up to return the favor when disaster strikes.

                          Karen Runs With a 3025E Tractor.

                          Fencing Tip

                          Building a fence isn’t complicated if you know the basics. So take a look at how you can add or upgrade your property one fence post at a time.

                          Explore Fence Building

                          The Century Farm

                          La Grange, Texas

                          Helping others is a way of life in La Grange, Texas. And since 1886, part of life for the Kaiser family has been running the family farm. So no matter if you're a kid, a woman, a man, or even a family pet, you have a role in making sure the family continues to run together.

                          The Kaiser Family Runs With a X300 Mower, 5220 Tractor

                          Greener Pasture

                          Highland, Maryland

                          Being linked to the land isn’t only about the work you do, it’s about the lessons you learn. That’s why the Frels Family traded city life for their farmette, Greener Pasture. Now their kids gain new experiences everyday while Brian and Allison transform their property as they check off the to-do list.

                          The Frels Family Runs With a 1025R Tractor.

                          Pasture Tip

                          Restore your land this season with our helpful guide that has you take Brian's lead in creating a greener pasture.

                          Find Your greener pasture

                          The Airstrip

                          Balsam Lake, Wisconsin

                          David Lee Randall and his daughter Jahnna Lee aren’t your typical farmers. They’re farmers growing food for their community and welcoming people on their own federal private airport. It’s quite the job, but they prove day-in and day-out that they’re up for the challenge.

                          The Randall’s Run With a Z930A ZTrak™ Mower and Gator™ XUV 825i.

                          The Vineyard

                          Hotchkiss, Colorado

                          Sommeliers don’t usually make the wine, but that’s not the case for Jayme Henderson and Steve Steese. These two run together to overcome challenges of weather and elevation on their vineyard in the Colorado Norfolk Valley. The end result is vintage variation that brings something new each year.

                          Jayme and Steve Run With a Gator™ UV and a Specialty Tractor.

                          Gardening Tip

                          You don’t need a winery to refine your greenthumb. Bring a garden to life this spring by learning how to plow and till a vegetable garden.

                          Discover Your Green Thumb

                          Tips and How-Tos

                          Tips Notebook For Large Yards

                          This notebook will help you tackle tasks you never knew you or your tractor could handle. If you’re on a big property, we’re here with tips to help you improve it.

                          Explore Tips for Large Yards

                          Backyard Tips For All Yards

                          Achieve the backyard of your dreams with tips and tricks to keep a consistent, healthy lawn from one season to the next.

                          Explore Tips for All Yards